Development Works helps organizations plan and manage programs that benefit their local communities and promote the common good:

  • community development efforts gain strength from proven education and training programs that give entrepreneurs and nonprofit managers the skills required to succeed.
  • small businesses benefit from a cost-effective and results-oriented application of modern communications, financial and administrative tools to reach and serve new and existing customers.
  • associations and nonprofits utilize our planning, fundraising, and events management expertise to achieve their development and outreach objectives.

Guiding Principles

Development Works activites are guided by two imperatives: to strengthen local economies through small business development and finance, and to nurture nonprofit organizations through increased exposure to cutting-edge small business management practices.

With increased globalization of finance and economic power, individuals, localities and regions have progressively less control over their economic fate. While there are many ways to address the situation, Development Works aims to do so by building economic power at the local level. Small businesses and nonprofit agencies, well run, provide jobs, opportunities, and increased returns on money spent locally. At Development Works, there's nothing we like better than to put our expertise to work on behalf of groups and companies that have a progressive vision of a future based on local self-reliance and democratic values.

As federal devolution continues apace, responsibility for the welfare of those left behind in the global economy falls increasingly on the shoulders of nonprofit agencies. In the absence of significant increases in funding for such efforts, and of affordable, widely available trade publications on good management, nonprofits struggle more every year. Here at Development Works, we believe there ought to be more resources for nonprofit managers and staff, such as publications that are the rough equivalent of Entrepreneur or Inc. Magazine for managers of small and medium-sized nonprofits.


Development Works LLC was founded by Anja Speerforck, former Director of the Leadership Toolbox and the Social Action & Leadership School for Activists (SALSA), the two training programs of the Institute for Policy Studies.

Development Works engages in creative collaboration with the member companies of Studiocore, a cooperative office and learning environment in Washington, D.C. Studiocore's members are primarily Internet service, website and software development companies.

We invite you to get in touch, learn more about Development Works, and collaborate with us to find unique solutions to your challenges.